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At HorologyExperts we try not to discriminate between watches. We will take on the challenge of servicing any type of timepiece as possible. From small to large, automatic, mechanical or quartz, and complicated to simple. Our watchmakers can do something so simple as change a battery to something so complex as regulating the hairspring of a 36 jewel automatic movement.

This page lists some of the most common jobs we do and explains what is involved:

Complete Watch Overhaul
In the watch business we hear the word "Overhaul" a lot but there is a loose connection among various watchmakers on what is involved with this process. Some believe it just means to open the watch blow some air into it and be done, while others take apart some parts of the automatic/mechanical movement put the parts into a jar of gasoline then put the parts back and consider that as being done.

Our Complete Watch Overhaul is a process learned and adopted from watchmaking instruction course training from the school of watchmaking in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Our 9 step overhaul process is much more involved to ensure your watch is running the way itís supposed to be running. The overhaul process involves:

  1. Taking apart the watch movement from the watch case then lifting the watch dial off the movement
  2. Disassembling the entire watch movement piece by piece
  3. Placing all the parts of the movement into small baskets and placing the baskets into the cleaning machine for a period of 15-20 minutes
  4. Assembling all the parts together on the main plate of the movement
  5. Oiling all jewels and various parts within the movement with swiss made "Moebius" high grade synthetic blue oil
  6. Applying high quality "Moebius 8200" grease to the gears
  7. Checking all gaskets & changing them when necessary
  8. Winding of the watch after assembly into the watch case
  9. Timing the watch using a computerized pulse timing machine then waiting 24 hours and timing the watch again to ensure proper functionality after the oil has absorbed and worked itself within all the parts of the movement

When purchasing an automatic or mechanical watch it's important to remember that regular overhaul maintenance is needed. Some watches differ but most need to be serviced every 36-42 months if the watch is used daily. 

Horologyexperts always keeps service records on all work performed on a watch. There are signs you can look for that will tell you if an overhaul is needed. Please see our FAQ Page to learn more.

Automatic/Mechanical Movement Repair

Around 70% of non-battery operated watch issues are corrected with our complete watch overhaul service outlined above. The other 30% of issues arise from a either a broken part or incorrect parts used from a previous watchmaker.

In the free estimate process we will let you know if there are any broken or missing parts. After the repair is complete, we will send you the broken part along with your watch. Having the broken part will reassure there is a new part within the watch enabling it to function normally.

Pricing of parts can range from a few dollars to over a hundred dollars depending on the watch. Generally the more expensive the watch, the more expensive the parts for it. However we have been working with 3 local parts suppliers exclusively for over 20 years and get competitive pricing for all parts. We pass along our savings to the consumer to keep our repair prices as low as possible.

Battery Powered Quartz Repair

We stock an inventory of quartz pulse battery operated Swiss and Japanese made movements. Unlike automatic/mechanical movements, about 97% of the time it's much more cost effective to install a brand new movement rather than repairing the old one. Because we have most of these quartz movements in stock, it enables us to change them at a fraction of the price as other places who have to purchase the movements from someone like us. 

Some quartz movement installations can be tricky but if you feel like you can do it yourself please contact us and we'll sell you the quartz movement. Please see our FAQ Page to learn more.

The other 3% of battery powered quartz movements are specialized and exchange for a new one is too costly. Usually these movements are very thin and go into Cartier, Ebel or other expensive watches. We repair these types of movements.

Full Service Watch Crystal Fitting

We have stock of millions of crystals which range from vintage glass, mineral glass, plastic, sapphire, and glass magnify. Although we may have millions of watch crystals to fit a watch; most of the time a crystal has to be specially custom cut and fitted. We specialize in cutting and fitting the right crystal for your watch case. Cutting watch crystals to the 10th or even 100th of millimeter is a work of art in itself. Just send us your watch cases for perfect crystal cutting and fitting. Virtually any shape and size can be cut and fitted!


Dial Refinishing

Our dial refinishing department can refinish almost any type of dial thinkable. We can refinish as original, change the colors, change the markings, change it to your preference. We can even make markings luminious in the dark. Refinishing with diamond setting is also available if necessary. All dials are guaranteed to be completed within 3-5 business days from receipt date. Having a clean good looking dial can make all the difference in the appearance of a watch. Please see our FAQ Page to learn more.


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