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Alarm: An indictable sound or vibration designated at specific time.

Amplitude: Degree of motion of the balance.

Analogue: Watch using hands to tell time versus digital display.

Automatic: Term to describe a watch movement which is wound from motion. This motion initiates a set of rotors and gears to work in winding the mainpring.


Balance: Circular rotating part working with the hairspring that oscillates on its axis of rotation. The balance swings in its movements to create the "Tick-Tack" in the watch.

Balance Staff: The staff upon which the balance wheel swings. (This part is prone to damage when a watch is dropped).

Barrel: The housing for the mainspring. The teeth drive the train wheels.

Bezel: The ring that goes around the watch dial from the outside. The bezel can hold an insert of can be without. Bi-directional rotation of the bezel means it can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise.


Feature within a watch that shows the date of the month and sometimes the day of the week.

Chronograph: Watch that's capable of independently measuring intervals of time while also indicating the time of day.

Chronometer: Certain high standards set by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control (C.O.S.C.) group for watch precision and quality stress tests.

Crown: knob generally located on the side of watch case used to perform such functions as setting time, winding the watch or setting the calendar.

Crystal: Protective and transparent cover of the watch face, material of the crystal can be glass, mineral glass, sapphire or plastic.


Deployant: Term used to refer to band/strap clasps that have a folding mechanism.

Dial: The watch face

Digital Watch: Watch that displays the time in digits rather than the convensional analogue with hands.

Dual Time Keeping: Watch which has the capability of measuring the current local time of more than one time zone.


Ebauche: Term used to refer to a watch which has different manufacturers of its various components.

Escapement: The process which a set of parts take the motion of the train and convert it to the balance.

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